W10 Case Study

W10 Case Study


Since 2009, Notting Hill has experienced a fitness revival and at the forefront, leading the way is boutique (in size but not output) training facility W10. We have worked closely with the gym’s owner, Jean-Claude Vacassin since its inception and most recently with a new fit-out in May this year. Jean-Claude believed the commercial gym experience to be lacking both in results and expectation. Wanting to do something about this he sought to craft his own vision and create a facility that not only brought fitness to life but also build an environment that is truly member-centric keeping service at a pinnacle standard for his members, much against the traditional sales numbers-through-the-door model. At BLK BOX we worked with Jean - Claude in helping him achieve this vision.

Building from the ground up, W10 now boasts state of the art flooring from PLAE (exclusive to BLK BOX in Europe) offering a superior surface to withstand the toughest of tests; fully customised (in brand, size and fit) functional training rigs, pull-up bars and purpose-built storage racks for each rig were also installed. Complementing the rigs, the studio has a range of BLK BOX equipment including dumbbells, bumper weightlifting plates and barbells including the signature ‘Belfast Bar’.


The 4,000 sq ft fitness facility offers semi-private small group training sessions all focused towards “Results Based Fitness”. W10’s ‘modus operandi’. Their purpose is to make sure that people get what they came for through progressive programming and a strong community. With a business model based around small group training, Vacassin needed to ensure that the equipment for the facility put the clients’ needs first, which we feel is of paramount importance. With up to four clients training with a coach at any one time, it was vital that there was enough equipment on hand every time for each client to utilise. Before the install took place, W10 also underwent a major rebrand to reflect the site’s refurbishment and help create a strong, unified identity for the club.


To ensure Vacassin's vision could become a reality, the team observed a number of training sessions at the facility to learn the needs and movement patterns of members and trainers. Learning and meeting W10’s need for a fully functional environment, six semi-private training pods were installed. Each pod comprised of a customised, laser-cut bay functional training rig, which allows for one coach to train four clients at any one time. Each pod has equipment at an arm’s length thanks to the purpose made storage racks, designed by our talented engineering team. To ensure a strong brand identity was reflected throughout the facility, each functional training rig includes the W10 logo. The design of the pods has ensured a better training experience for both clients and coaches alike, with flooring space completely maximised with no compromise by our rigs fitted down each side of the studio.

In keeping with the W10 Performance branding, the studio was fitted out with brand new charcoal Achieve flooring from PLAE. Achieve’s hyper-aggressive PlaeTechTM Foundation layer absorbs maximum shock on impact, diminishing barbell bounce and easing joint stress. This also delivers ideal energy return levels for safer training and drastically boosts performance. The unique location offered a few challenges for our install team, to ensure minimal disruption to members, our install team had a tight four-day time frame to turn the whole project around. The studio was closed on a Thursday evening and reopened the following Tuesday morning ready to take its first training intake. 


As a focal point in the facility, a fully branded track was installed down the centre of the facility, in-keeping with W10’s brand colours and identity. The luminescent orange and charcoal track is made from PLAE’s ultra-durable and wear-resistant Attack Turf and comes complete with a seven-year warranty. The Attack Turf sits at the same height as the Achieve flooring, allowing members to move throughout the gym safely and trainers to execute their programs seamlessly due to there being no trip hazards. The new installation has been well received by members and the W10 team alike. Prior to the installation, the facility had a membership base of close to 200 members and has been able to retain that throughout the project. Looking to the future, the W10 team aims to grow the membership base to 250 members.


“I’ve been thoroughly impressed by what has been achieved by the BLK BOX team. I wanted to create a gym that really brings fitness to life and that truly reflects who we are as a company. Working with the team at BLK BOX has been so easy, the expertise and advice they have offered has been second to none and the quality of the new equipment and flooring is just amazing." -  Jean-Claude Vacassin, Founder and Owner of W10.