2020's Gym Design Trends

2020's Gym Design Trends

The gym design process is a bit like solving a puzzle. Just because one feature might work logistically, doesn’t mean it’s the best option. Before investing time and money into your new facility, it’s important to recognise what people want for a modern, effective workout. 

Functional Fitness

Functional Training is possibly the most popular workout trend that people are turning to, in high demand due to the practicality and relevance for people wanting a efficient workout. When you jump, accelerate or turn, you’re not just using one particular muscle. The idea is therefore to do exercises which replicate genuine body movements, whether in competitive sports or day-to-day life. The closer the training mimics the actual activity, the more effective it is.

Gym design is therefore starting to change. No longer do people want to workout with boring, one dimensional machinery - instead they want the space and equipment necessary for these functional movements. BLK BOX have been at the forefront of this revolution, and our spaces are specifically catered for flowing workouts, incorporating equipment for squats, deadlifts, battle rope variations and ball workouts, as well as the use of free weights, sandbags, resistance bands and TRX kits.

Gym Ring Pull

Smart Storage for Smart Spaces

This type of workout will naturally need more floor space to complete. People therefore need to be space conscious when designing their gym - whether it be in their own home, a space for training clients, or a public facility.

In order to make the most of every square inch, design has to be innovative. BLK BOX have developed our multi-functional Functional Training Zones with this in mind. They allow for multiple people to work out at once, whilst having all the equipment needed within an arm's reach - making them ideal for PTs and group classes.

As well as this, BLK BOX have a range of attachable storage options. We believe that smart spaces need smart storage, and by keeping your equipment on your walls, your clean floor will prevent any clutter killing your performance.

Pure Gym Storage

Sprint Tracks

As gyms are keen to increase functional space, cardio machines have often had to make way. An excellent way to combine the two is by introducing sprint tracks. Perfect for sled work, bodywork exercises and sprints, the versatile spaces provide an excellent centrepiece for a gym.

BLK BOX offer three different types of suitable turf, offering the highest performance and durability for facilities of all types. With the option of nine vibrant colours and the option to add any logo or design to the surface, the track will be add excellent aesthetics and help you create a truly unique training space.

Everton FC Floor

Wearable Technology

2019 saw a massive development in the wearable fitness market, with lower prices combining with more stylish models and advanced technology. There are two main categories:

Firstly, fitness trackers are light, durable and available for every budget. They have a long battery life, typically lasting around a week, which makes it perfect for day-to-day activity - tracking every single step and every last calorie burned.

Smart watches, meanwhile, do a lot more than this - designed to be a fashion accessory and coming with interchangeable straps and in an array of materials. They are also a lot more advanced when it comes to phone connectivity, with many allowing you to respond to notifications and phone calls. And crucially, most smart watches will come with a built in GPS - perfect for those runners looking to up their mileage.

Smart Watch

Workplace Workouts

As many workplaces increasingly take an active interest in their employee’s work-life balance, more and more companies are partnering with gyms or personal trainers. Whether it be a HIIT class at lunchtime, or offering discounted memberships at nearby gyms, the idea is to improve employee morale and offering an extra incentive for staff to join the company. Some companies are taking it a step further and creating a gym under their own roof - helping staff squeeze in a workout before their commute home.

BLK BOX have completed installations for companies such as Novosco, Google and LinkedIn. A perfect combination of cardio and weights, both the company and their employees are reaping the benefits of the healthier lifestyles.

Linked In

Specialist Group Training

Latching on to the popularity of team sports, gyms are increasingly beginning to introducing group training sessions, amongst a small groups of like-minded people who all working towards the same goals. Whether it be strength training around a multi-functional rack, or group cardio classes, the popularity is on the rise - especially with those who have limited experience or knowledge in the gym, but don’t want to splash out on a personal trainer.

Stationary cardio machines are being replaced for interactive equipment such Wattbikes and Airbikes, with classes being held specialist trainers instead of standard stationary bikes - bringing a new twist to classic group fitness.

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