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London Healthcare Clinic is situated in the heart of London. The clinic, owned by Sando Ayad, provides services such as Personal Training, Rehabilitation, Sports Massage and Physiotherapy. The object was to expand the current studio space “Elevate LDN” and offer even more services to his existing client base. Sando required top-quality equipment with unique design twists to showcase his brand and match his goals of creating a premium boutique facility.


Your space is your greatest asset. At BLK BOX we will make every inch of it work to its full potential, and Elevate LDN is a great example of this. As with most London facilities, this is located underground at London Wall, resulting in limited space available. However, this did not impact the plans. A bespoke Bridge Rig, the first of its kind, was installed. This white rig was customised as ‘Customise Everything, Compromise Nothing’ is a motto we believe in and live by each day. We believe not only should you have the best performance equipment but it should also be fit-for-purpose and create a lasting visual impression.

The rig includes a monkey bar rig, storage pegs, and attachments for their water-filled punch ‘Aqua Bags’, offering his clients a unique experience. A seamless graphite flooring was laid in the facility due to the benefits that this product offered. With the facility being amongst office space, this flooring is engineered for maximum shock absorption and explosive energy return, helping to keep the complaints of noise at bay. The equipment, combined with the excellent lighting installation, has created a brilliant facility. The full gym environment is completely in sync with the London Health Clinic’s ethos of offering a premium experience.


The new facility was created to accommodate the extra demand that Elevate LDN’s were experiencing and to help eliminate issues that were reoccurring due to the lack of space available. It has also provided the facility the opportunity to improve their image and provide extra services we were wanting to include to our client base. 


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