Digital Lead

Digital Lead

Ready to leave your digital footprint on the fitness industry? BLK BOX, a trusted authority in strength equipment and the preferred supplier to top sports teams, leading brands, and the most iconic gyms across the UK and Europe, is in expansion mode. We're actively seeking a Digital Lead to spearhead top-of-funnel engagement, drive growth, and share the BLK BOX story.


Your Role:

As our Digital Lead, your primary goal is to boost BLK BOX's online presence and engagement. Your key responsibilities include:

· Developing and optimising our paid advertising efforts to maximise their effectiveness. This involves identifying the most promising advertising channels, fine-tuning budgets, and refining audience targeting and ad content.

· Spearheading comprehensive growth campaigns that span various digital domains, including advertising, website content, email outreach, and events.

· Taking full ownership of our marketing operations, working closely with the sales team to evaluate the impact of marketing-generated leads.

· Transforming email marketing into a powerful lead generation tool. This includes creating segmented email campaigns, conducting regular tests, and producing engaging email content.

· Expanding to become a leading source of inbound leads. This entails optimising our website for better search visibility and conversion rates.

· Analysing campaign performance and sharing insights to inform content, messaging strategies, revenue targets, and sales tactics.


You're a Great Fit if You:

· Have experience in managing paid search, ad platforms, email marketing, or account-based marketing strategies.

· Thrive in dynamic and evolving environments, seizing new learning opportunities, and driving priorities forward even in uncertain situations.

· Approach marketing with a data-driven mindset, constantly seeking ways to improve campaign performance and optimise ongoing efforts.

· Understand the importance of an integrated marketing approach, where precise targeting is complemented by compelling content.

· Possess excellent communication skills, both written and verbal, adapting your style to various contexts and audiences.

· Have a strong understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, enabling effective collaboration with the technical team for seamless digital strategy implementation.

· Have exposure to tools like Webflow, Framer, or similar platforms, enhancing your ability to create engaging digital experiences and campaigns.

· Are proficient in setting up tracking mechanisms across platforms, including Google Analytics, Mixpanel, and other tools, to gather actionable insights for data-informed decision-making.


If you're passionate about creating impactful content and developing intelligent systems that drive growth, then we want you to be part of the BLK BOX journey. Together, we'll leave our mark on the fitness industry, reaching new sectors, demographics, and audiences.