Collection: Competition Weight Plates

Our competition plates are our most premium rubber plates and have been designed with elite level weightlifting and high-performance facilities in mind. Our competition plates are complaint with the IWF standards, with an outer diameter of 450mm and IWF weight tolerance of (+/- 0.8%). The weight plates offer up a minimal bounce when dropped from a height. This important as the less bouncing your weight plates do, the less bouncing your barbell will do which will reduce the chances of your barbell collars and plate centre rings from getting loose. The competition plates feature a thin design, meaning you can load your weight bars with more weight plates. The rubber flange around the circumference of the rubber plate, prevents other plates from touching the metal surface, meaning it will not be scratched or scrapped when loading your barbell. These weight plates are also customisable for more information contact us here. Our change weight plates feature a 50.4mm collar opening and fit our Olympic barbells. Available in weight increments ranging from 0.5kg – 5kg weight plates.