Woodway Curve


Ideal for small group, speed development, and HIIT training for every fitness and skill level, the Curve is a non-motorized treadmill that allows a user to accelerate and decelerate with zero limitations on how fast, how long and how hard they train. The unique curved design of the treadmill allows a user to practice proper gait, with running mechanics encouraging better posture while activating posterior chain muscles. Sought after by professional sports teams and athletes around the world, the Curve treadmill delivers an unparalleled workout.


  • Running Surface Dimensions: W x L (43 x 142 cm)
  • User Weight Capacity: Run: 400 lb. / Walk: 800 lb. (4 mph max)
  • Belt Type: 60 Individual Slats
  • Drive System: 112 Precision Ball Bearings with 12 Roller Guides (4 mm lateral tolerance)
  • Running Surface: 3/8" thick shock-absorbing cushion
  • Drive Motor: Self-Propelled
  • Unit Weight: 355 lb. (Shipping Weight 440 lb.)
  • Width: 33” (84 cm)
  • Length: 67” (170 cm)
  • Height: 66.55” (169 cm)
  • Power Supply: Not Required
  • Self-Propelled: Standard Feature

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