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The Belfast Bar




The Belfast Bar is Ireland's best selling and most recognisable barbells. The black zinc shaft boasts durability and excellent 'bar feel'. The zinc has a smooth, well-rounded feel which is slightly satin in appearance. A peaked diamond knurl pattern provides an excellent gripping surface without the sharpness of other grips more likely to tear the hands in high volume sets. Hard Chrome Sleeves containing no less than 7 precision needle bearing each provides a smooth and comprehensive spin.


Dimensions 20kg*28mm*2200mm >180,000+psi spring steel
Shaft Tolerance +0.5/-0mm
Weight Tolerance +/-10g tolerance
Bearing Type 8 precision needle bearings in every bar
Finish Industrial Black Zinc Shaft
Sleeves Industrial Hardened Chrome Sleeve
Comfort Omitted centre knurl for neck comfort
Standards Dual IWF 910mm, and IPF 810mm, markings for correct hand placement
Testing 30,000 drop tested to ensure safety and durability
Identity: Dual Snap Ring Design End caps marked with the bar weight
Weight Tolerance:  +/-10g tolerance


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