BLK BOX Goliath Double Half Rack


The BLK BOX Goliath Double Half Rack is the perfect rack for performance facilities that are serious about strength training. The squat rack works well with an integrated platform, offering two multi-grip pull up bars, as well as multiple storage options. This flexibility is perfect for providing even more options to custom fit the needs of your home gym or training facility.

Potential Attachments Include: Double Wall Ball Targets, Goliath Rig Mounted LandmineGoliath Dip StationGoliath Spotting ArmGoliath Utility Peg, Goliath Wing Attachment, Goliath Single Barbell Holder & Goliath Rig Mounted Hip Thruster Attachment.

For larger training environments or commercial facilities we recommend using our Samson Double Half Rack


Height 2408mm
Width 1200mm
Depth 980mm
J Hooks Included? Yes, a set per bay
Manufacturing Time 15 Business days


  • Allows x2 people to work from one rack (dual sided)
  • Perfect for teams & independent facilities 
  • Custom Branding is available
  • Can be used with all BLK BOX attachments
  • No solid walls required
  • Multiple racks can be linked together 

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