Competition Plate Set - 140kg

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If you are looking the very best, then these competition plates are just for you. The Competition Plates are our most premium offering, meeting all IWF specifications.

These plates are designed with elite level weightlifting and high-performance workouts in mind and offer minimum bounce. They too are thin in appearance, allowing you to load the barbell with much more weight compared to the Impact Bumpers.

There is a rubber flange around the circumference to keep the metal of the plates from touching when they are loaded to the barbell. The premium glossy finish helps these plates stand out, especially on the platform.

You can customise your plates by selecting a colour that to reflects your brand, and even your logo and team or company name..


140kg Set Contains 2x10kg, 2x15kg, 2x20kg & 2x25kg
Diameter 450mm (IWF Standard)
Collar Opening 50.40mm
Inserts Stainless Steel
Weight Tolerance +/- 1% of claimed weight
Bounce Minimal
Thickness 10kg - 32mm
15kg - 42mm
20kg - 52mm
25kg - 63mm