BLK BOX Goliath SG Training Pod


The BLK BOX Small Group Training Pods allow one coach and numerous clients to be trained simultaneously in each pod, with every piece of equipment required within an arm’s length. With built-in storage for wall balls and kettlebells, this allows floor space to be fully maximised - ensuring a better training experience for both the coach and the client.

Potential Attachments Include: Double Wall Ball Targets, Goliath Rig Mounted LandmineGoliath Dip StationGoliath Spotting ArmGoliath Utility Peg, Goliath Wing Attachment & Goliath Rig Mounted Hip Thruster Attachment.

Please note there is a 15 day manufacturing lead time on this product.  


Size Height Width  Depth
SG Pods 1  2.4m 3m 1.66m
SG Pods 2 2.4m 4.14m 1.66m
SG Pods 3 2.4m 7.08m 1.66m
Extra Pod N/A Add 2.94m N/A


  • Designed for Small Group training
  • Cleans up your space
  • Ideal for teams & independent facilities
  • Custom Branding is available
  • Can be used with all BLK BOX attachments
  • Free standing so no solid walls required

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