BLK BOX 5 Bar Vertical Holder


There is nothing worse than having to navigate your way around a gym floor cluttered with barbells in the middle of your training session. The BLK BOX 5 Bar Vertical Holder is a great space saving solution to safely and securely store your barbells for easy access, creating a trip-free area to train in. 

The BLK BOX 5 Bar Vertical Holder is an essential storage solution in any gym and can hold up to 5 BLK BOX Barbells or BLK BOX Speciality Bars without damaging the knurling. 

Please note, barbells are not included with this product. 


Length/Depth 1000mm
Width 1000mm
Height 350mm
Compatible with? Any BLK BOX Barbell & BLK BOX Speciality Bars
Colour Black

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