Basis London

Basis London - Built to fit


The Basis gym brings together a broad range of methodologies and practices for training both the body and the mind. Health, Performance, Well-being and Wisdom are the 4 cornerstones of human potential that the coaches aim to train and develop at Basis.  The classes span functional fitness, strength training, endurance, gymnastics and weightlifting as well as meditation, breathwork and restoration. Founders and coaches BJ Rule and Tom McAdam have been in the fitness industry for a combined total of 37 years helping hundreds of clients lead healthier and happier lives.


Functional training space  

The new space is built within two old rail arches in London, which lead to a bespoke brief and rig configuration, which in turn came with some logistical challenges. The team at Basis were pretty restricted when it came to the architecture of the building, not being allowed to tap into the Victorian arches meant the rig had to be completely custom. Traditionally in an arch set up like Basis, rigs would feature in the centre off a space.  However, because the team opted for a custom set up, they were able to install the rig as close to the arch as possible keeping that valuable floor space.

“We chose BLK BOX mainly because of their custom service - the whole process from concept to reality. The equipment is fantastic, that’s a given. But, it’s the customer care and customer service that came along with that and even post install, they proved we made the right decision. Going over and above to make sure that we were happy with our product” said BJ Rule, Founder and Coach at Basis. 


The answer to the problem 

In order to fully realise the vision that Basis had in mind, we had to take a collaborative approach. The problem was clear, create a facility that allowed people to improve their lives by mastering the 4 cornerstones of human potential, as identified by coaches BJ and Tom. The perfect facility allowed Tom and BJ to leverage their coaching to the highest degree.