Cardiff Met Archers Performance Centre Gym

BLK BOX powers Cardiff Met’s new Archers Performance Centre

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of Cardiff Metropolitan University's Archers Performance Centre, a cutting-edge facility designed and constructed in collaboration with our team.

We're particularly proud of our custom para rack, bench, and accessible storage system, ensuring inclusivity and functionality for all athletes. 

Here’s a video tour of the Archers Performance Centre, giving you a closer look at the equipment and layout:

Reflecting on another successful install, BLK BOX founder Greg Bradley said: 

“It’s a privilege for us to have designed and built this high performance facility at Cardiff Met. This partnership underscores BLK BOX’s commitment to fostering excellence in sports performance and education.

From the initial discussions through to the building phase, we've aimed to create more than just a gym; it's a dynamic space where athletes can excel.

To ensure optimal training results, we designed and manufactured eighteen BLK BOX Samson Racks divided into three six-rack bays - allowing group training sessions for teams and groups - including para athletes - with our custom para rack, bench and accessible storage system.

We can’t wait for the students to start using the facility at the Archers Performance Centre, which will no doubt help develop the stars of the future.”

Head of Strength and Conditioning Dai Watts took us through the Archers Performance Centre, and how it’s going to help his student athletes:

Cardiff Met’s Assistant Director of Sport, Business Development, Daniel Gomm, said:

“The Archers Performance Centre will not just benefit our students on high-performance programmes. We are already fielding interest from international sports teams and National Governing Bodies.

This facility will provide a return on investment that we can use to bring benefits to our wider sporting community.”

Facility features

The Archers Performance Centre boasts:

  • Eighteen BLK BOX Samson racks: Designed into three six-rack bays, perfect for group training sessions.
  • Dumbbell racks: Each bay has a 2-60kg dumbbell rack.
  • Specialist equipment:
    • BLK BOX 45-degree plate loaded leg presses
    • BLK BOX Big Ass belt squat machines
    • BLK BOX 45-degree hyperextension
    • GHD Pro
    • BLK BOX dual adjustable pulleys with Samson lat pulldown attachments
    • Custom sled/prowler designs
    • Custom storage solutions