BLK BOX Takes Gold at the Under Armour Turf Games Summer Festival 2021

BLK BOX Takes Gold at the Under Armour Turf Games Summer Festival 2021

After what feels like a never ending period of COVID-19 and lockdown after lockdown, Turf Games did not disappoint with their Summer Festival 2021. It was another unforgettable weekend of going head-to-head with over 1,500 competitors deadlifting, burpeeing, rope climbing and kettlebell-swinging their way to beat the competition.  

Turf Games is a functional fitness competition for everyone, from everyday athletes to bona-fide, top performing professionals. Hosted at Ealing Trailfinders Rugby Club, West London, it was a weekend to remember. The huge venue had an array of state-of-the-art facilities, introducing new elements to the competition, enhancing the experience for competitors and spectators alike – it really was a festival.

3 Time Champions 

For the third year in a row, the BLK BOX ‘Mixed Elite’ team took home gold. In the team was BLK BOX Commercial Director, Miles Canning, Content Creator and Photographer, Luke Ebron, Business Development Manager, Caragh Hamilton and friends of the firm, Eoran O’Neill and Eamon Kelly. They were thrilled to be back on the turf doing what they do best and everyone in BLK BOX was over the moon when they became champions again for the third time.

We also had a team competing in the ‘Everyday Athlete’ category – John Sloan, Matt McKelvey, Gavin Hasson, Robbie Gallagher and Stephen Taylor from our Sales and E-commerce team. The team left nothing in the tank and had a fighting finish to 22nd place out of 40 teams.

Commenting on the event, Miles Canning said, “What’s really great about this event is that everyone can take part. It undoubtedly attracts some of the fittest athletes, but you don’t need to be an elite performer to be an ‘athlete’. Every set, rep and fail was celebrated and the community spirit at the event was overwhelming. Congratulations to the entire Turf Games crew on the success of the weekend. It really is a community that we are proud to be part of and are looking forward to getting back on the turf again soon”.

As the official equipment supplier for the Turf Games, it was extremely rewarding to see so many athletes using our kit, and even more rewarding when our own teams compete and take home gold. At BLK BOX we are passionate about creating high performance equipment to help athletes of all levels reach their full potential. We live and breathe athletic performance and we really mean it when we say our equipment is built for athletes, by athletes.