Fergus Crawley Joins Team BLK BOX

Fergus Crawley Joins Team BLK BOX

We are proud to welcome Fergus Crawley to the BLK BOX team. Having competed in a variety of sports from a young age, Fergus Crawley has spent his life in pursuit of athletic performance and demands more of himself, time and time again.

After his career in rugby was cut short after a series of concussions, Fergus competed internationally in powerlifting for nearly 5 years. Always looking for the next challenge, Fergus focused on his strengths and became a hybrid athlete, incorporating a mix of strength, endurance and cardio training into his everyday life. Setting ambitious goals, in 2020 Fergus became the second person ever to run a sub-5 minute mile, back squat 500lb (227kg) and run a marathon, all in the same day- a mind blowing achievement which you can watch here

Fergus Crawley BLK BOX Athlete

Fergus loves setting challenges and pushing himself to the limit, but he is lifting and running for a cause much bigger than personal glory. Having experienced severe depression and attempting suicide in July 2016, Fergus is on a mission to raise awareness and funds for mental health issues and suicide prevention. Through his athletic pursuits he has raised almost £100,000 for mental health through a variety of strength and endurance challenges. We are inspired by Fergus’ commitment to raising awareness through his own challenges and are proud to support him on his mission.

When he is not fundraising, Fergus provides elite level coaching for athletes across a range of disciplines including powerlifting, bodybuilding, ultrarunning, triathlon, combat sports and more. Working closely with military operatives, Fergus has a keen interest and experience in preparing candidates for selection in various levels of military and law enforcement. This is alongside the everyday athletes, those branching into more concurrent goals and those taking on charity challenges.  

Fergus recently transformed his garage and is now the proud owner of a BLK BOX Home Gym. Check out the three-part video series on our YouTube channel for a full tour of his facility, as well as the design process using BLK BOX Gym Designer, delivery and installation of his equipment.

Stay tuned over the coming months as Fergus will show us what it takes to become a hybrid athlete. We are proud to have Fergus join the BLK BOX Team and hope you all give him a warm welcome.