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Fortitude Fitness London opened in 2009 as the second ever CrossFit facility in London. After 11 successful years, owners Milo and Misty set their sites on a new style of training venue, recognising that CrossFit isn’t suited to everyone. Not letting COVID-19 get in the way, Milo and Misty proudly opened their new venue in April 2021 just in time for gyms in England re-opening after lockdown.

Fortitude Fitness BLK BOX

Their new 280 square meter facility is located in the same complex as their original CrossFit venue in central London. The goal is to help as many people as possible through coaching sessions and small group training classes based on clients’ individual goals, alongside support with nutrition, macros, meal plans, mobility and overall lifestyle.

Within the new facility there are Goliath Full Racks, all branded with the Fortitude logo alongside the Big Ass Storage to hold all their Hex Dumme klokker, Coloured HD Bumpers, D-Balls, Smeltetabletter af jern and more. 

Fortitude London BLK BOX

“The big ass storage is just wow. It was even bigger than we expected and definitely covers all of our storage needs!” 

Misty and Milo spent a lot of time sourcing a supplier for their new facility. They wanted a company who offered the best of everything, as they wanted to avoid getting bits and pieces from different suppliers and having a mismatch of kit. It was also important that the equipment was affordable and still high quality. We are thrilled that they selected BLK BOX and that we have helped to create this amazing space for their members.

Fortitude Fitness BLK BOX

“We’ve had a really good experience working with BLK BOX. The kit is great and so was the customer service. I never felt like I had to chase them for anything and got constant updates to keep me informed along the way.”

We wish them all the best in their new facility!

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