Lucy McGonigle

Lucy McGonigle CrossFit Semifinals

On top of the world 

Wrapping up her CrossFit Semi Final weekend Lucy has once again come out on top.

After 6 gruelling workouts, McGonigle emerged as the worldwide leader in her category. In two of the five workouts she placed 1st, in two others she placed 3rd, her incredible consistency across the workouts meant that she finished 76 points ahead of 2nd place. Considering that the difference between 2nd and 8th was 72 points, shows just how impressive she was. The six workouts covered a range of movements and were a complete test of Lucy's preparedness. The workouts themselves were determined to find weaknesses in athlete's armour and expose those that had maybe focused on one area at the expense of others.


Highlights from the weekend included her completing 89 snatches in the 3rd workout. 14 more than the athlete who finished in 2nd place overall.

For the second time in her young CrossFit career, she will make the trip to Madison, where she will compete in the 14-15 year old girls category of the prestigious CrossFit Games. Inspired by her amazing performance, Lucy is chasing that number 1 spot and we can't wait to support her.

For the full set of results check out the official CrossFit Results - here

Lucy's BLK BOX Home Gym 

We recently helped Lucy spruce up her home gym. We wanted to enable her to fit in training around a hectic schedule. Safe to say she is doing just that. Check out the install video below to see what we did.