‘R4P 4 Everyone’

An environment that encourages you to be “Better Everyday”.

Located in Liverpool and set up by Chris Morgan and former Liverpool Football Club physio Matt Konopinski, R4P is focused on lifting the everyday athlete (grassroots and aspirational) into the expertise and facilities normally reserved for the elite. The 2500sqft unique space encompasses the full rehab/performance continuum and the facility and equipment within it means the practitioners can take somebody from the earliest days of acute injury all the way through to their “return to performance” whatever that performance goal may be.

Already familiar and impressed with the quality and finish of BLK BOX products, Chris and Matt felt BLK BOX best complemented what they were trying to create; a gym that felt inviting, represented rehab as much as it did performance and depending on whether they were rehabbing / training or measuring, offered the most versatility. Previously an office building, the main challenge was ensuring the quality of materials chosen qualified R4P for CQC status, as ultimately they are a medical facility.

Rehab 4 Performance: Liverpool

The facility offers a variety of different ‘services’ ranging from measurement to treatment, S&C and recovery, each with their own dedicated space. Working closely with Matt and Chris we were able to design and create a bespoke space that matched their requirements and unique vision.

As training at R4P is underpinned by clear Rehabilitation and Performance goals, it was crucial that the equipment for the space had the ability to measure – train – remeasure. Some of the key features, like the Agility Turf offer clients specific treatment. The turf is primarily used for ‘Markerless Motion analysis’, through the use of removable/interchangeable inlayed force plates. These plates analyse balance, strength and movement strategies in a range of exercises and jumps. Force plates are commonly used in Sports Performance facilities to access an athlete's force producing capabilities, strength and imbalances.

Rehab 4 Performance: Liverpool


The S&C space showcases 2 x BLK BOX Custom Branded Samson Compact Racks, with various Samson attachments, like Smith Machine, Rig Mounted Hip Thruster and Jammer Arms, with all the essentials like HD Bumper Utility Weight plates, barbells to complete the space.

Commenting on their favourite thing about the space, Matt said, “Everybody who enters the facility loves it almost as much as we do. Having worked in elite sport we feel we have been able to recreate a gym/rehab space that you normally only find at the very top of professional sport. And when it is alive with clients we love how it feels personal and welcoming but at the same time packed with an arsenal of equipment which means we can give our R4P patients / clients / athletes the very best of what is currently available to anybody in the world from an athlete health and Performance perspective."

Wishing R4P the very best of luck with their new facility in Liverpool.