The Ultimate Christmas Athlete Gift Guide 2021

The Ultimate Christmas Athlete Gift Guide 2021

The perfect gift

Whether you’re searching for Christmas gift ideas for couples, friends or family, the time is now to get shopping. With Christmas just around the corner BLK BOX athletes Emma McQuaid, Fergus Crawley and Scott Britton know what they need to perform at their best, everything from recovery to accessory work is considered to stay ahead of the game. To make things a little easier for you, we asked our athletes what their favourite BLK BOX products are, giving you the perfect guide for him, her, and most importantly – yourself.

BLK BOX Athletes

Emma McQuaid, 12th Fittest Woman on Earth at the 2021 CrossFit Games, puts a big focus on strength and conditioning training during her competition season. Amongst her top picks includes the BLK BOX Single Cable Pulley Attachment, our Cardio equipment, and of course looking the part in BLK BOX Apparel

Commenting on our apparel, Emma said "I wore the BLK BOX Capri leggings in the CrossFit games and I didn't need to pull them up once. They were super comfy and didn't show a drop of sweat even in the WOD's."

Functional fitness athlete Scott Britton has a background in competitive Powerlifting and loves the BLK BOX Weight Vest. It's a great way to enhance any bodyweight exercise and get fitter, stronger and more efficient vital components when trying to hit those PB'S.

Having competed in a variety of sports from a young age, Fergus Crawley has spent his life in pursuit of athletic performance and demands more of himself, time and time again. As a hybrid athlete some of Fergus's top picks include our Power Lifting Belt. We asked Fergus why he chose this and he said "when going for maximal top sets, a sturdy 10mm belt like this can dramatically improve bracing potential and overall tightness = more strength – what’s not to love?"

And there you have it...Shop the top picks below!