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BLK BOX Utility Squat Stands

The uprights on the Utility Squat Stand are 1.76m, giving the rack a total height of 1.82m. Unfortunately, the upright height is set on this item.

No this cannot be customised.

Our Utility range is only available in black.

Yes, our Utility Squat Stand is made to order and manufactured in Belfast.

One pair of J-Hooks are included with our Utility Squat Rack Stand. We also offer a range of attachments which are compatible with this rack.

Yes, a standard bench press can be used with our Utility Squat Stands.

We do not recommend using a dip station with the squat stand as it is not bolted to the floor and therefore may not be stable enough for this.

The gauge on our racks / rigs is 3mm.

We have tested the Utility Squat Stands in excess of 350kg in our showroom and have many clients squatting with 200kg+ daily.

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