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Based in Edinburgh city centre, Elevate98 is a brand new small group personal training facility kitted out from top to bottom with BLK BOX equipment. Founder Sean’s background is in professional football and was lucky enough to have regularly trained in high end strength and conditioning environments. Sean wanted to create a gym with high quality equipment that inspired him to work there, and more importantly inspired those who trained there. Sean wanted the best of the best for his facility and after seeing previous BLK BOX set ups including Intent91, Marchon Athletic and W10, from the moment he decided to open his own gym, he knew it had to be BLK BOX.

The training style in Elevate98 focuses on replicating and adapting high performance athlete training for everyday athletes. Incorporating a mix of rugby, football and other professional sports training styles, each session is modified for the client based on their goals and abilities. Within the 2,350sq ft facility, 2 Goliath Full Racks with integrated storage were installed and lend themselves perfectly for small group training sessions. The highly functional racks allow two athletes to perform squats, deadlifts or bench presses, while the other two athletes can train using Kettlebells, Dumbbells, Plyo boxes, Slam balls or Wall balls. The integrated storage has allowed Elevate98 to free up valuable floor space, which fits their their training model perfectly and is particularly important now for clients returning in April when COVID-19 restrictions ease.

To complement the strength and conditioning group training sessions, there are group cardio classes including Hybrid classes which incorporate a mix of strength and cardio using the BLK BOX Dog Sled, Battle Ropes, Glute Gang classes which use the BLK BOX Mini Bands and Engine classes which use the cardio kit including Concept 2 Bike Ergs, Ski Ergs, Assault Bikes and WattBIke Pros.  


The team at Elevate98 were ambitious in terms of their turnaround times. From when the order was placed with BLK BOX until their opening day was just over 5 weeks. Sean and his team assembled and installed all equipment themselves including their flooring of Anti-Slip Tiles and Agility Turf tracks. Elevate98 proudly opened their doors on 17th November 2020 before unfortunately having to close at Christmas due to the COVID-19 restrictions. Despite only being open for a few weeks, there are over 50 members already who are eagerly awaiting April 26th when they are allowed to reopen.

“Everything from the attention to detail to the colour schemes, custom branded Goliath racks and the high quality of all equipment was so impressive. We are really delighted with our facility and will hopefully be expanding in the near future to make space for more Goliath Racks.”- Sean McKirdy, Founder of Elevate98.

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