One Barbell: Unlimited Training Opportunities

One Barbell: Unlimited Training Opportunities


Our trademark ‘Belfast Bar’ has become the choice of elite athletes and coaches alike, providing the perfect blend of performance and versatility. We have gone great lengths to ensure every component of our bars are of the highest standard. We’ve sourced the best materials available and put them in the hands of the highly-experienced BLK BOX engineering team to create a bar we are proud to put our name to.

Notable features:

Black Hardened Chrome Shaft: offering durability and an excellent ‘bar feel’, the Belfast Bar has a smooth, well-rounded appearance. Its slight satiny sheen contributes to the sensation of lifting bare steel

Peaked Diamond Knurl: this special pattern provides extra grip without any unwanted ‘sharpness’. It’s less likely to tear hands for greater comfort in high volume sets

Hardened Chrome Sleeves: each sleeve contains two needle bearings for a smooth spin



The BLK BOX Belfast Bar – 7ft 20kg Olympic Barbell offers the perfect blend of performance and versatility. 


The BLK BOX 15kg Belfast Bar is slightly lighter in weight at 15kg. The shaft has also been reduced to 25mm, and the overall length is less, 2.1m compared to 2.2m of the Belfast Bar.

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