Benefits of weight bench exercise

Benefits of Weight Bench Exercises

How and Why You Should Incorporate Weight Bench Exercises Into Your Workouts

Incorporating weight bench exercises into your weekly routine could be just what you need to boost your current fitness plan. Whether you’re looking to build muscle or achieve a more conditioned physique, weight benches can help you reach those goals more quickly.

In this helpful guide, we’ll cover why weight bench workouts are so beneficial and how you can begin incorporating them into your routine. Learn some of the best exercises and all the safety tips to go with them, allowing you to tailor your training to suit your body’s needs.

What are Weight Bench Exercises?

Weight bench exercises are performed using training benches, which come in a range of designs. The two most common types of weight benches are flat benches and adjustable benches. They both support athletes while they perform strength training exercises with dumbbells, but adjustable benches can offer some extra versatility. As they can move between varying degrees of incline or decline, you’ll be able to use adjustable benches for a wider range of movements.

Benefits of weight bench exercises

While you might have come across weight benches at the gym, many fitness fanatics decide to invest in their own for their home gym.

Benefits of Weight Bench Workouts

If you’ve never used a weight bench before, you might be wondering why they’re so popular. After all, many resistance machines allow you to perform the same types of exercises. However, weight benches are a more versatile option, which is especially important for anyone considering converting their spare room into a workout space.

Weight benches allow you to customise your workout to your body’s needs, acting as a guide without taking away the reins. Supporting your back, weight benches mean your joints can move freely with greater control through a huge range of exercises. This means you’ll be able to target different muscle groups for a full body workout.

Getting Started with Your Weight Bench Workout Routine

Now you are sold on the idea of weight bench exercises, it’s time to put together your perfect routine. While this will be different for everyone, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most popular moves that will really drive results. You’ll need a set of dumbbells covering a range of weights that are suited to your current level of fitness, as well as a bench.

Dumbbell Bench Press

Ideal for targeting your upper body, the dumbbell bench press will help you to build strength in your arms and chest. You’ll need to lie on your back so that the weight bench fully supports you throughout the move. You should have a dumbbell in each hand while keeping your arms bent slightly. Because the bench provides you with a solid base, you’ll benefit from an increased range of motion, allowing you to fully extend your arms more easily.

Benefits of weight bench workout

Decline Push Ups

Whether you’ve opted for an adjustable or flat weight bench, you’ll be able to add an extra level of challenge to your push up routine. To perform a decline push up, simply allow the bench to support your feet as you place your hands on the ground. This position means you’ll have to lift more of your body weight. The advantage of using a weight bench rather than another surface is that it offers better stability and can be adjusted to suit the height you want to work at.

Dumbbell Row

Dumbbell rows help you to isolate muscles on one side of your body at a time for more intense training. For this movement, the weight bench will help by supporting your knee and opposite hand, which means you can really focus on the arm doing the rowing.

Benefits of weight bench exercises

Concentration Bicep Curls

This type of bicep curl will help you to really activate your arm muscles. Making sure you work one arm at a time, sit on your weight bench and keep your arm in place with your knees. These curls need to be performed with lots of control, so check that your body is fully supported before you begin.

Skull Crushers

The perfect way to round off your arm dumbbell workout, skull crushers help you to develop your triceps for a well-rounded physique. Hold one dumbbell between both your hands and lift and lower the weight from behind your head. Your weight bench will support your back, allowing you to focus on lifting.

Weight Bench Safety Tips

Weight bench workouts with dumbbells pose fewer risks than training with barbells, but it’s still important to be careful with all types of gym equipment. Whatever exercise you’re performing, make sure you maintain proper form throughout. If you’re too tired or the weight you’re using is too heavy, make sure you stop before you injure yourself. While you might think getting in more reps will help you get stronger more quickly, this is only the case if you can perform the exercise correctly.

You should also always choose a weight that you feel confident lifting. While it’s good to challenge your body, pushing your muscles way beyond their limits will only put you out of commission for extended periods of time.

It’s also important to remember that some exercises are best performed with a partner. When performing movements like bench presses you should always enlist the help of a spotter, especially if you’re using heavier weights.

Get Started with an Adjustable or Flat Bench Today

No matter which type of bench you choose, these workout bench exercises can help you to improve your strength and take your fitness levels to new heights. Take a look at the BLK BOX range to find the gym equipment that’s right for you and your weight bench workout routine.