Corinthia Hotel London | AMP x BLK BOX

A firm favourite of global A-listers, the five star Corinthia Hotel is located in the heart of London promoting unparalleled service with exquisite style. Now partnering with AMP (Athletic Medical Performance) to provide its guests with the opportunity to experience Small Group Personal Training (SGPT) sessions for free. This unique approach to fitness coaching is designed to help guests achieve exceptional results in strength, endurance, and body composition. 

One of the key benefits of SGPT is that it offers a highly efficient and effective way to work out. With small group sessions, guests benefit from the attention of a highly qualified coach who provides them with a five star service of personalised guidance, motivation, and feedback. This helps guests to stay on track, achieve their goals, and maximise their results. Of course, to provide this kind of personalised coaching, it's essential to have the right equipment partner to aid in the design, layout and equipment selection. This is where BLK BOX came in. 

The equipment we provided Corinthia Hotel is designed to be both functional and versatile, making it ideal for use in small group settings. It includes everything from our renowned Belfast Bars and HD Bumper Weight Plates to resistance bands, Urethane Kettlebells, and more. This means that AMP coaches can tailor their sessions to the unique needs of each guest, using the right equipment to help them achieve their desired outcomes.

The space features our cutting-edge NEXUS technology; the evolution in strength training. These Compact NEXUS Racks run along one side of the room for strength and conditioning. While the other side of the room boasts bespoke functional storage solutions with integrated cable columns designed specifically for AMP to deliver their SGPT concept to guests in a condensed footprint, without compromise to exercise selection. 

In addition to this, we provided wall-to-wall seamless flooring and turf solutions which mitigate noise and optimise the ergonomics for functional training. The new gym is also kitted out with the latest in cardiovascular kit, along with a recovery zone for the Corinthia guests to use and enjoy. 


"Working with BLK BOX on the Corinthia project has been absolutely brilliant. From first design concept to final design, all the way through to delivery and install it has been first class working with the team to develop and evolve the gym design to suit the needs of the client, its unmatched by any other supplier. 

The BLK BOX team are always on hand to answer queries about design, acoustics, layout, materials or anything else that is needed to make the gym look and feel five star. 

BLK BOX are our preferred and favourite supplier for all gym equipment and we look forward to working with them on the next project!"  

- Steve Mellor owner and founder of AMP



Overall, the partnership between Corinthia London, AMP, and BLK BOX is designed to offer guests a truly unique, five star fitness experience in the heart of London. We're proud to be part of their aim of combining high-quality equipment with personalised coaching and small group sessions to their guests.