BLK BOX Hip Thrust Bench

Introducing the BLK BOX Hip Thrust Bench

Meet the BLK BOX Hip Thrust Bench

Manufactured from start to finish at BLK BOX HQ in Belfast, the BLK BOX Hip Thrust Bench has been specifically designed to target numerous muscle groups, including the gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, and gluteus minimus. With proper form, hip thrusts can also work muscle groups in your lower back and legs, like the hamstrings, adductors, and quadriceps.

BLK BOX Hip Thrust Bench

How do we recommend using the BLK BOX Hip Thrust Bench?

For the hip thrust, begin by using a barbell with a weight that you can control for 2–3 sets of 6–12 repetitions. Choose a weight that allows you to maintain good technique throughout all sets and repetitions and follow this short guide to get maximum use out of this quality piece of equipment: 

  1. Place a loaded barbell parallel to the bench .
  2. Sit on the floor with your back up against the bench. Roll the barbell over your hips until the barbell rests in the crease of your hips.
  3. With your upper back in contact with the bench, lift your hips slightly off  the ground. Your upper arms should rest against the bench. Rotate your shoulders outward to engage your lats. The bottom of your shoulder blades should be in contact with the bench. The weight on your feet should be evenly distributed along each foot. Rotate your feet into the floor to create a stable foot position. Your chin should remain tucked throughout the movement, as if you were holding an egg under your chin. All repetitions should begin from this position.
  4. To begin the upward movement, squeeze your glutes and push your feet into the ground.
  5. Continue squeezing your glutes as you push your hips toward the ceiling to achieve full hip extension. Your core should be engaged to keep your ribs down and your pelvis should be slightly tucked at the top. Your shins should be vertical.
  6. Pause for 2–3 seconds at the top.
  7. To begin the downward movement, hinge from your hips to return to the starting position. Allow your chest to follow your hips. Gaze forward while keeping your chin tucked. Maintain tension on your glutes and keep your core engaged. Your torso should create a 45-degree angle with the ground at the bottom of the movement.


What are the key features of the BLK BOX Hip Thrust Bench? 

The BLK BOX Hip Thrust Bench sports a lightweight design, coming in at 52.2kg. Pair this with the addition of four plastic wheels for added manoeuvrability and making storing the bench a breeze. This new bench also comes flat packed in boxes instead of arriving to your door fully assembled instead on a pallet and will  save a massive amount on shipping costs for our clients. The construction of the Hip Thrust Bench has been made as user friendly as possible, requiring just two 17mm spanners and a full installation guide being provided with every bench. 

The BLK BOX Hip Thrust Bench comes with welded steel pegs and are an ideal option for adding that extra resistance to your hip thrusts and offers a different take to the traditional barbell hip thrust. These pegs work great with our new BLK BOX Power Bands and will be sure to add to your hip thrust gains! The added grip tape on the floor base of the BLK BOX Hip Thrust Bench will provide added grip when performing the hip thrust movement and has been tested here in our Belfast HQ with great reviews from our athletes.

BLK BOX Hip Thrust Bench

The BLK BOX Hip Thrust is coated in our signature textured anti-scratch powdercoat finish and is available in our 9 standard colours for that added element of customisation to match your space. It enters our internal industrial paint line, going through various stages of washing, drying, and painting before coming out freshly baked and quality checked before being sent out to our clients. For any queries on colours please do not hesitate to contact us and a member of our sales or customer service teams will be happy to advise you more on this.

BLK BOX Hip Thrust Bench