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Designed, manufactured and assembled in Belfast, the BLK BOX Tib Developer Bar is designed to strengthen the Tibialis Anterior muscle on the front of an athlete’s shin, reducing the risk or repairing the damage from shin injuries along with a number of other benefits.

Made popular by Knees Over Toes Guy Ben Patrick and the ATG system from the Athletic Truth Group, strengthening the Tibialis Anterior muscle has been proven to reduce the risk of ankle and tendon injury. A weak or under developed Tibialis is one of the main contributors to knee and shin pain.

Weighing just 2.65kg, the BLK BOX Tib Developer Bar is portable and lightweight making it ideal for use at home, in the gym, or outdoors. 

Strengthen your Tibialis Anterior muscle


Ensure the weights are pushed up against the bar and secured tightly with a BLK BOX Collars. Be seated with your upper legs and knees supported and feet/lower calf extended. The Tib developer then hooks easily onto the end of the feet and is used for a full ankle rotation curl upwards and back down. 

This bar is compatible with all BLK BOX Weight Plates, and BLK BOX Bar Collars.

To keep your Bar in pristine condition and free from chalk and dirt, use the 360° Barbell Brush, a must have for any barbell owner, with nylon bristles recommended for this barbell. 


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