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BLK BOX Resistance Bands

Red, Black, Purple and Green

100% natural latex

You can buy each colour individually or as a set including all 4 colours

Check out our Resistance Band Buying Guide to help you decide. 

BLK BOX Climbing Peg Board

Yes, M10 sleeve anchor bolts are provided to safely and securely mountto your wall. Each sized board can be mounted vertically or horizontally.

Small: 1215mm x 298.5mm 

Large: 2524mm x 298.5mm

This product is made in our Belfast HQ and has a lead time of 3 weeks.

Small - 1215mm x298.5mm  

Large - 2454mm x 298.5mm

BLK BOX Utility Weight Vest

There is one size with adjustable velcro fastenings.

The vest and weights are sold separately. To view weight plates, click here.

Weight plates are available inpairs of 1.25kg, 2.5kg, 5kg.

There is one pocket on the front and one pocket on the back. Each pocketsecurely holds 1 plate only- so 2 plates in total can be worn on the vest.

Our Weighted Vest does not come with weight plates. You can purchase our Weight Vest Plates by clicking the following link - Weight Vest Plates

Our 5kg vest plates are 290 x 260mm and approximately 10mm thick

BLK BOX Utility Weight Vest Plates

These will fit securely into the BLK BOX Utility Weighted Vest. 

There is one pocket on the front and one pocket on the back. Each pocketsecurely holds 1 plate only- so 2 plates in total can be worn on thevest. 

The plates dimensionsfor all three are 260mmx290mm.


The mat has a core centre of PVC foam and an outer coating of non-slip,waterproof PVC fabric that can be easily cleaned

The BLK BOX HIIT Mat is lightweight and can be easily folded and rolledfor storage at home. For a wall mounted option, it will fit the BLK BOX Mat Hanger.

BLK BOX Glute Floor Ham

This product is shipped in flat pack and can be assembled quickly andeasily using the M10 hardware provided.

This is designed specifically for Glute Ham Raises, a bodyweight hamstring movement that concentrates on knee flexion. When incorporated regularly into a training routine, it can help increase hamstring strength, which has been proven to increase squat and deadlift strength, as well as a runners power and speed. The Floor Glute Ham does not add any compressive force to the spine, meaning you can focus solely on the movement and strengthening the hamstrings, which can also reduce risk of ACL injuries occurring.

This is manufactured in our Belfast HQ so please allow a 25-30 workingday lead time.

BLK BOX Wall Balls

The diameter of the Wall Balls are 350mm indiameter

The BLK BOX Wall Balls come with a 12-monthwarranty.


The dimensions are asfollows:

15”L x 12”W x 2-1/2”H

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