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Designed and manufactured in Belfast, the BLK BOX Glute Ham Roller is a must-have for athletes looking to improve their posterior chain strength dramatically. The BLK BOX Glute Ham Roller is so simple but at the same time so effective. Being so simple to use, just set it on the ground and away you go.

The BLK BOX Glute Ham Roller, with its low-profile design, allows you to store it away with ease when not in use. As well as this it can be hung on the wall using a simple hook.

Glute ham roller

The design incorporates a 50mm V-shaped slot for the heel to securely sit into, and a 20mm bar either side for you to grip. The potential exercises that can be done are endless, ranging from floor hamstring curls, ab rollouts and chest flys to side plank rollouts, front sliding lunges and much more. 


Made from start to finish in our HQ here in Belfast, the BLK BOX Glute Ham Roller is constructed from a range of locally coursed laser-cut steel. 6mm thick mild steel plate, 20mm solid bar and 50mm angle iron are the main gauges of steel used for this product.

Glute ham roller

After being laser-cut and welded by our in-house fabrication teams, the BLK BOX Glute Ham Roller enters our internal industrial paint line, going through various stages of washing, drying, and painting before coming out freshly baked in our signature black textured powdercoat finish.

Glute ham roller

The textured powdercoat finish means the product is easy to grip, making the 20mm bars easier to grip as well as the V-shaped heel slot.

High-quality, heavy-duty wheels are used on each corner to ensure a smooth and solid gliding motion when in use. The wheels are rated to over 300kg and use a rubber rim, perfect for ensuring no marks or damage to your facility's floor.

Glute ham roller

Key Features of the BLK BOX Glute Ham Roller:

    • Made in Belfast
    • Locally sourced laser-cut steel
    • Textured powdercoat finish
    • 80mm rubber wheels with bearings
    • Quick and easy to use
    • Opens an array of exercises within a small footprint

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