Introduction to The BLK BOX NEXUS Range

What is NEXUS? 

1; the connection or series of connections linking two or more things   
2; a central or focal point 

Designed, manufactured and ‘Made in Belfast’ NEXUS is the connection between strength and functional training. Created for athletes, by athletes, it will level up an ever-evolving industry. Merging cable-based strength with free-weight functional training, NEXUS is enough to effectively rewire your workout, allowing seamless transitions and integration of these two training disciplines - in one complete solution.  

The evolution of functional training

NEXUS features two squat bays, two independent 120kg cable columns and two pull-up stations, performing as a full Rack with J-Hooks, while the cable gives unlimited options for versatile training – all within arms reach, shaving precious minutes off your workout. The twin 120kg cable columns offer numerous options of dual handle cable exercises, such as the high and low cable crossovers, cable flies, lying lateral raise and rear delt flies. It is also an effective tool for single stack exercises such as lat pulldowns, pullovers, lateral raises, rows, extensions, and curls. 

Each NEXUS Rack utilises an innovative high-strength adjuster design, where the pulley is adjusted on a carriage featuring high-impact polymer rollers, optimised to ensure smooth and secure adjustment. It's bespoke pull-pin design ensures a secure and simple fixing.  



The world of training has changed. 

Sports Performance facilities and athletic ability has developed and is continuing to take over. Therefore, adaptability to suit these needs is crucial. Home gyms have evolved past a barbell and kettlebell. This range offers adjustability and inclusivity in one fully customisable system which can be configured to fit any room or requirement.  

This range is truly unique, not just in terms of aesthetics. No matter how you choose to configure it, NEXUS will consolidate your barbell movements, cable movements, and equipment storage into a single, all-in-one system, with sizing options available to whatever your gym needs. 

We’re here to fulfill your vision in the best possible way.  

"Ultimately, for us, having this rig has allowed us to really move the needle in the lives of the clients and the people we serve. It is the ultimate training ground. It's creating an impact and for us, impact is everything." - Coach Jenz, PFCA 



Gone are the days where your training style was pigeon-holed into one type or another. NEXUS has been developed to bridge the gap between functional and strength training. The aim is to offer something unique and special for you and your clients, enabling you to provide them with a first class, unforgettable experience.  

Made In Belfast  

Every inch of NEXUS is designed, manufactured and assembled at BLK BOX HQ Belfast, under the watchful eye of our engineers and manufacturing team. That way, we can assure a pinnacle standard of quality and satisfy our own demanding standards of pristine perfection for our own products. Each upright is backed by a lifetime structural warranty.   


The beauty of this range is that we want you to have it your way. We want it to suit your facility and match your branding, colour and feel. The quality of our materials and finish speaks for itself, but the final aesthetic is down to you and can be tailored to meet your own unique ideas. That is why we have designed it in such a way that you can choose from 9 different RAL numbers, customised height options and personal branding. Custom RAL colours and configurations can be created and requested for an additional cost. Add your finishing touches with custom brand plates and custom weight stack guards. 


With its modular design, your NEXUS Rack will grow as you do. Whether you choose Samson or Goliath, our catalogue of attachments are cross-compatible, meaning NEXUS can unlock thousands of training opportunities. Attachments can be mounted on either side of the rack including the side with the cable columns, minimising floor space required and maximising your performance. We also have an array of cable attachments to choose from, expanding the number of cable exercises your NEXUS has to offer, guaranteeing a full body workout.  

Space Saving  

NEXUS offers more training opportunity per square foot - everything a modern training space needs. We understand the importance of space and utilising your gym area to its fullest potential. The NEXUS rack itself offers functionality and the opportunity of adding compatible attachments as your training evolves. The future is far simpler with NEXUS - all of your training needs are covered in one complete solution. 

If you are considering one ultimate system, from home training, PT studio’s, to top Sports facilities – NEXUS is for you.  

“NEXUS has added a different type of flavour to our training that we didn’t have available to us before. We didn’t want to have cumbersome machines that were taking up loads of floor space. Having the stacks integrated was a no brainer for us. The racks are such a standout feature, aesthetically. It has been a game changer for us.” - Rez, Founder of BOXR.