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05/07/21 - Sprint

Afternoon all, on Friday the Product team undertook our first product sprint, working on releasing as many products as we could in a 7 hour period. 12 products were released, which you can see links to below.

We get as much detail as we can onto the web, but if there is any discrepancies, info missing, or if you want to know more, please give us a shout!

Squat Stands:

Rigs & Racks:



Strength Training



25/06/21 - Dumbbell QC, Timebirds, Goliath Bench, Power Bands, Pre-Sell, Cardio Spares

Afternoon all, please see product update for the week below:

(1) HD Dumbbell QC Issues

Unfortunately the HD Dumbbells have arrived with significant quality defects. As per the image below, dumbbells below 15kg have begun to peel in the logo and number section. As such we do not recommend them for offline sale. They will be added to the website with significant discount, and with a no warranty or refund policy - all sales will be final. 

(2) Timebirds 

BLK BOX will be the first in Europe to launch the Timebirds Timer. We'll also be their first official distributor. You can see a preview of the web page here

The Timebirds Timer is a magnetic mini timer capable of attaching to any of BLK BOX's Rigs & Racks. As per our distribution agreement, we can only sell the timer with case included. This is available in; Black, Navy, Red, Orange, Yellow & Pink, in various stock levels. Please ensure a case is quoted with every sale. 

For anyone looking to get a demo, we do have a sample in HQ. And if sales progress as expected, we will have a co-branded edition launched later in the year.

(3) Goliath Bench Sneak Peak

We're getting closer to officially launching the new Goliath Adjustable Bench. Made here in BLK BOX HQ, the first 10 will be going to Stade Français Rugby Club. The bench will be available in our 9 standard colours, with the option of custom colour upon request. 

(4) Power Bands Rebrand

The BLK BOX Heavy Duty Resistance Bands have been rebranded as the BLK BOX Power Bands. These will be priced slightly higher then the standard BLK BOX Resistance Bands, which we will continue to sell. The benefits of the Power Bands are a stronger construction, offering a higher resistance and a longer lifespan. 

(5) Pre-Sell

Keep an eye on the Product Updates as a high number of products will be coming up for pre-sell in the coming weeks. Both sourced and Made in Belfast

(6) Cardio Spare Parts

We have received our first batch of BLK BOX Rowers and Ski Trainers, and also our first batch of spare parts. These have been split into kits and can be found on Orderhive between SKUs 16-0680 and 16-0717. The below document breaks down what is in each kit, and can also be found on the Product Database.  

Rower Spare Parts

Ski Trainer Spare Parts

11/06/21 - Shelves, Flowin and New Dumbbells

Morning All, 

(1) Shelfmageddon

Shoutout to Robbie for the assistance in a a marathon Orderhive update, creating all new SKUs for shelving, and updating all of the bundles to match. All shelf SKUs are now bundles, and the new SKU will start with a 50-, no longer 21-. All the old SKUs have been marked with a [Do Not Quote] in the product name. All existing SO's and PO's are unaffected and will use the old SKUs, but please update any non-confirmed orders to the new SKUs.

Why have we done this? Theres over 60 shelf SKUs on the system, with the various lengths, types and differing bolts depending if its a Samson, Goliath or Basecamp shelf. This means holding stock of them is a nightmare. This method has broken these 60 SKUs into less then 10 child parts, allowing us to keep stock, and reduce the lead time for shelving. 

(2) Flowin

BLK BOX is now a distributor of Flowin, and is now advertising the Flowin Sport and the Flowin Pro. The Sport will be held in stock here in BLK BOX, while the Pro will be drop-shipped as ordered from their Swedish warehouse. If you do see any other Flowin product you wish to quote, do get in contact and we can look to bring it in.  

What is Flowin though? It's a slide board perfect for high intensity, low impact training and rehabilitation. 

Difference between the Sport and the Pro? The sport has been designed for personal use and is less tough. It can however be rolled up, whereas the Pro can't.

(3) Limited Edition HD Dumbbells

We're expecting delivery next week of the BLK BOX HD Dumbbells. Intended to drop prior to Christmas 2020, consistent issues with the supplier has caused several delays. The supplier issues are so severe, that we will not be ordering this product again.

There is a high number of these coming, with 75 full sets and hundred of more of individual weights. The weights are between 2.5 to 30kg, with no 1-10's. Please do let clients know though, that once they're gone, they're gone. They wont be able to expand their chosen sets at a later date.

These dumbbells differ from our standard hex as they have a straight handle, which is fully knurled, mimicking a barbell. They also have a grey logo and label, allowing them to stand out, especially handy in a darker lit environment.

These will hit the web shortly, and you can see a preview of this here. 

(4) New Dumbbell Storage

To match the new dumbbells, and with the lack of supply of our standard Asian 2 Tier Dumbbell Racks, we are launching the BLK BOX 2 Tier Dumbbell Rack on wheels. It can be previewed here.

Available in 1.2m or 1.8m long variants, it is a variation of our 2 Tier Basecamp system - with wheel options soon to become available for the basecamp range too. The wheels on this system will feature 2 with brakes, and 2 without brakes. 

21/05/21 - Foldaway Racks Again 😳

Good afternoon all, quieter week on the product front this week. Following feedback of client confusion over the differences between the Binary rack and Goliath Foldaway Rack, we have made adjustments to the naming convention.

Moving the forward, the Binary Foldaway Rack will become the Blackout Binary Foldaway Rack, and only available in black. It will also meet the Blackout spec as an on the shelf product.

The Goliath Foldaway Rack will become the Binary Foldaway Rack.

Big thanks to the e-commerce team for integrating this change into their ongoing work around the Blackout Range

14/05/21 - Greetings, Galving, Folding Racks, New Flooring and Recoil

Hi All, and welcome to the product update page.

We've noticed that its proving difficult to communicate updates to our product range over the last number of months. Meetings get forgotten, emails and teams messages lost, and training on a Friday at

We'll be using this site as a forum to communicate updates to products, new product launches, and other product-y news.

Look forward to hearing any feedback, and please see our first range of updates below.

(1) Galving - New BLK BOX Outdoor Range

The new BLK BOX Galvanised Range has hit the web! Containing a 2.4m tall Squat Stand, and a Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar, both with a galvanised finish. They are available on pre-sell, with a dispatch date of 31st May.

The squat stand will come with galvanised J-Hooks and is still compatible with the same attachments as before


Galv finish ensures the products are highly rust resistant when kept outdoors in comparison to powder coat. We can't guarantee the products will remain rust free forever, and regular care and the odd top up with something like this

(2) Folding Racks - 'Release' of the Goliath Foldaway

A new-ish product has hit the web. The BLK BOX Goliath Foldaway Rack is now live on the website, and available in all our standard colours.

The existing BLK BOX Binary Foldaway rack will remain in the Blackout range, and only available in black for £479.99 inc. VAT. With the aim to keep this as a stock metalwork product moving forward.

The new-ish BLK BOX Goliath Foldaway Rack is available online for £549.99 inc VAT, and is available in all of our colours. It will be made to order on our standard lead time.

(3) New Flooring - European made Flooring

New gym flooring is now available. This flooring are coming direct from a European Warehouse, and will either be in stock, or within an average 3 week lead time. Please do enquire on lead time if not in stock.

Each style comes in its own range of colours. And other colours available upon request of the purchasing team. However, for ease of buying it is recommended to stick to the standard colours where possible.

20mm High Impact Tile (1m x 1m)

30mm High Impact Tile (1m x 0.5m)

8mm Puzzle Tile (1m x 1m)

8mm Rubber Roll (10m x 1.25m)

10mm Rubber Roll (10m x 1.25m)

The high impact tiles require connectors to be installed. These can be found here. It is recommended you quote 5 connectors per 20mm tile, and 7 per 30mm tile.

Further details can be found on the hyperlinked product pages above.

(4) Recoil - UK Exclusive for BLK BOX

BLK BOX is now the UK Exclusive Distributor of the Recoil S2 Training System. In addition to free access to the European Market*, and the Middle East.

The Recoil S2 Trainer is a suspension trainer like no other, with its ability to retract its straps into the top unit with the click of a button. (Imagine a Big Tape Measure)

This system also allows for very quick and easy adjustment of the straps, and ensures both straps are at the same length at any one time. Depending on the package purchased, it is capable of mounting to the wall, a rack, or a door.

Its a premium product, well produced and arrives in a slick box and additional packaging.

For Sales team notice, as we now have a direct partnership with the supplier, unlike TRX and K08, our margin is significantly higher on these, and would encourage up-sell where possible.

Please see below a quick video for a demo of the system in use. Further videos are online of it in use, and we have a sample within BLK BOX HQ for anyone looking a demo.

*Please get in touch before quoting to the regions of Netherlands, Luxembourg and Belgium