All Blk Box equipment is covered by a limited 12-month warranty, which is valid with

an order number and a receipt from the purchasing customer only, these are non-

transferable. Warranty cases will be dealt with on case-by-case bases and will be at our

discretion, if we have any reason to believe that the products have been misused we have

the right to refuse warranties. Throwing or dropping products that are not designed to

withstand this abuse will void any warranty, including but not limited to dumbbells and

kettlebells. Suitable flooring is always recommended to help prolong the life of a


Chipping of wood, metal and rubber in any of the products including but not limited to

platforms, dumbbells, rigs and racks will not be covered. Issues with stickers, brand

plates and end caps will not be covered. General wear and tear is not covered under

warranty. Any issues with flooring colour being affected by sunlight will not be covered.

Using the equipment on inappropriate flooring will affect the warranty. Damage caused

by using a product that is not fit for its intended purpose will void any warranty.

Warranty Guidelines

Structural Welds Lifetime

Frames Lifetime

Pulley Cables guide rods 2 Year Warranty

Bearings 1 year

Upholstery 90 Day Warranty

Wheels 90 Day Warranty

Nylon covers 90 days 

Urethane Products 2 years

Warranties on products not manufactured by BLK BOX will be viewed in conjunction

with the manufacturer's warranty. The definition of a lifetime warranty is 10 years.

Warranty does not apply to barbells.


Each warranty claim should be detailed on a claim form, which can be supplied by Blk

Box upon request. Depending on the claim pictures of the damaged goods and return of

the goods may be requested. If the equipment is faulty and within the warranty it will be

replaced or fixed, the amended equipment or replaced equipment will be under the date

of the original warranty.

Many of the products will require a fixing to the floor, including but not limited to rigs,

racks, multi storage unit and GHD.

For further information on warranties please contact or call us on