Jerk Blocks

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  • These handmade jerk blocks are a prime example of craftsmanship at its finest. With a multiple of various heights the jerk blocks can be adjusted to suit the needs of the end user. The jerk blocks have a lip on the end of each insert allowing for each box to fit snugly and easily adjusted.

    A rubber finish on the top box allows for shock absorption and reduces the noise ever so slightly. The jerk blocks can be also be doubled up as plyometric boxes.

    To ensure the lifespan of the blocks, the top box, (100mm box) needs to be used as the top box, as it consists of reinforced material.


    Sold as a pair

  • Width 500mm

    Length 900mm

    Bottom block 350mm

    Second block 200mm

    Three blocks of 150mm

    Top box 100mm

    Total height of 1.1m

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