BLK BOX Goliath Free Standing Monkey Bar Rig


The BLK BOX Goliath Free Standing Monkey Bar rig is the perfect add-on for any gym or training facility, Integrating a number of different attachments. The monkey bar rig offers the flexibility of the standard rigs, but with overhanging bars which are excellent for improving your posture and strength.

Potential Attachments Include: Double Wall Ball Targets, Goliath Rig Mounted LandmineGoliath Dip StationGoliath Spotting ArmGoliath Utility Peg, Goliath Wing Attachment, Goliath Rig Mounted Hip Thruster Attachment & Plate Storage. 

This Goliath Free Standing Monkey Bar Rig is also available as a Wall Mounted Monkey Bar Rig.

*Manufacturing lead time on this product is up to 21 working days

Height Width Depth
4 Bay 2.4m 4.14m 1.5m
6 Bay 2.4m 7.08m 1.5m
8 Bay 2.4m 10.02m 1.5m
10 Bay 2.4m 12.96m 1.5m
Extra 2 Bays N/A Add 2.94m N/A

*For each bay, one set of J Hooks are included

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