BLK BOX Isometric Mid-Thigh Pull Rig


We designed the BLK BOX IMTP rack in conjunction with the coaches from IRFU with the goal of creating a cost-effective and easily moveable solution. The BLK BOX isometric mid-thigh rig allows for IMTP pull test and ISO Squats.

The bar height can be easily adjusted in one cm increments to allow coaches to move large groups of athletes through in a more efficient manner. The BLK BOX IMTP rig is designed to house Foredecks force plates but can store other force plates on request. The IMTP Rig is currently set up to accommodate your own barbell and force plates are not included but available on request. Once your order is placed, we will build your rack and have it to you within 15 business days.


Length 1100.00mm
Width 1240.00mm
Height 1586.00mm
Weight 115kg
Mild Steel Frame

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