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DRAXfit+ Curved Treadmill


This sleek DRAXfit+ Curved Treadmill will allow an extremely smooth run at a pace that suits you. Whether you are walking, running, jogging or sprinting, the curved design allows effortless speed controls, so when you take bigger steps the speed will increase, and will decrease with smaller steps. Unlike a traditional treadmill, the DRAXfit+ curved treadmill has strong and thick slats with no running board under the belt, giving you a low impact run with no shock to your body. The unique design encourages pressure to be placed on the big toe first, imitating the stimulation of an outdoor run.

You can also find out your calorie burn, heart rate, distance, time and speed by connecting to the DRAX smartphone app, meaning you can monitor and review your progress over time.

Please note there is a 7-14 day lead time for this product. 


Length 1630mm
Width 785mm
Height 1100mm
Weight 125kg
Colour Black
Electricity required? No, this is completely powered by you

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