The BLK BOX bar

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One of the best barbells available on the market for this price, in the past the quality of an Olympic barbell would be associated with a premium price. Not this barbell.The spec on this bar is impressive, the dual marks for O-Lifts and Power Lifts are ideal, as well as this there is a passive centre knurl to the bar.

  •  Dual Knurl Marks for O-Lifts and Power Lifts
  • 28.5mm diameter
  • Chrome Finish
  • 1500 Ibs Rated
  • 20KG

Why the extra knurling on the bar?

Ideal for those who prefer to have more of snug fit on the bar when squatting, also ideal for gripping the bar evenly during a number of movements. The knurling on the bar is perfect for gripping not too soft not to hard, the quality of the bearings on the bar allows for freely rotating sleeves an essential part of any quality barbell. Although this is a quality bar and it has all the attributes of a quality bar, it must be said that, if you are after a true performance bar check out the Belfast Bar