Lifting Chains

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Chains are an extremely simple yet effective method of increasing strength and breaking through plateaus.Based on the concept of progressive resistance, the chains ensure the weight gets progressively heavier as more of the chain rises off the floor thus ensuring maximum muscular stimulation throughout the entire range of motion. Chains also require an increased level of proprioception and balance, try a chain bench press, and you'll know what we mean!


  • 1 set of 12kg chains equals 2 x 6kg chains
  • 1 set of 24kg chains equals 2 x 12kg chains


Do they come with collars?
Collars are included

Do the 12kg chains come in a set of two?
For 12kg chains, you get 2 x 6kg chains as they are sold as a pair and for the 24kg chains you get 2 x 12kg