Full Rack with Storage

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  • The Full Rack is the ultimate rack for serious trainers, can be ideal for those who are training by themselves and do not have a spotter. The safety aspect of this rack is unrivalled; the full rack has a slightly larger footprint than the quarter and half. It consists of six uprights; four of which form the perimeter of the rack and two of which form the plate storage. The base plates on the rack allow for extra stability.

    Within the rack holes have been left both on the under side and the bottom side for accommodated resistance with bands.

    As with all of the rigs and racks we manufacture, we do not only test every single component physically we also test every component digitally using a stress testing analysis software so we know what it will take.Laser cut holes allow for accurate and consistent spacing when using the rack.

  • Length: 1.2m
    Height: 2.4m
    Steel: 60x60 Box, with 22mm hole spacing and 10mm fixings
    Colour: Optional
    Includes:´è_´è_Premium J hooks, Premium Spotting Arms, weight storage, multi grip pull up bar, saftey arms
    Attachments: Optional, and rack is compatible with all BLK BOX attachments´è_´è_
    Rack needs to be bolted to the floor
    Bolts for mounting to floor do not come with the rack
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