Gymnastic Rings

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  • Gym rings are a brilliant way to build dynamic strength they are an excellent multi functional training tool.Ideal for a number of bodyweight movements, such as rowing and pressing to name just a few. The rings come with straps that can be hung from any solid structure Suspension training using bodyweight has become extremely popular within the world of fitness.The easy adjustable compact gym rings are light enough to carry in a gym bag or to accommodate those travelling. Ideal for building upper and lower body strength. The quick adjusting buckles allow easy access between high exercises like pullups and muscle-ups as well as lower exercises such as ring push-ups or chest flies. Also ideal for medium height exercises such as body weight rows, tricep extensions, wood chops or ring dips. Physiotherapists and sports coaches like to use the rings for support while performing lower body exercises like one leg squats or reverse lunges.

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