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Hex Dumbbell Sets

This product is not available to buy online, however you can leave an enquiry with us and we can get back to you. Just click the 'Enquire about product' link below.



BLK BOX HEX Dumbbells feature heavy-duty, rubber-encased heads that help minimize noise and limit wear and tear (to both the bells and your flooring). They also include chrome-plated handles ergonomically designed for a firm but comfortable feel in any grip style. 


Sets Available
1kg - 10kg The set includes 1-10Kg in 1 Kg increment 
2.5kg - 30kg The set includes 2.5kg - 30kg in 2.5kg increments
2.5kg - 30kg (Including Rack) The set includes 2.5kg - 30kg in 2.5kg increments 
2.5kg - 40kg The set includes 2.5kg - 40kg in 2.5kg increments.