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Not just a revolution in engineering, but ultra smooth spin quality too. The beauty of this bar is definitely in the design detail. Bars can often look the same, but performance, and longevity can only be obtained through the pursuit of excellence.

The evolution of the barbell is continuous, and it's what brought us to here. Known as a training bar, simply for its hybrid nature, and lack of certification, but none the less meticulously crafted from high quality industrial grade materials and components.

Features include:Black Zinc shaft for durability and excellent bar feel. Zinc has a smooth, and well rounded feel, slightly satin in appearance, and gives the sensation of lifting bare steel. A peaked diamond knurl pattern provides an excellent gripping surface without the sharpness of other grips is more likely to tear the hands in high volume sets.

Hard Chrome Sleeves containing no less tan 4 precision needle bearing EACH, for comprehensive smooth spin.


  • Men's - 20kg*28mm*2200mm >180,000+psi spring steel 
  • Shaft tolerance +0.5/-0mm 
  • 8 precision needle bearings in every bar 
  • Industrial Black Zinc Shaft Electroplating 
  • Industrial Hard Chrome Sleeve Electroplating 
  • Omitted centre knurl for neck comfort 
  • Dual IWF 910mm, and IPF 810mm, markings for correct hand placement 
  • 30,000 drop tested to ensure safety and durability 
  • Dual Snap Ring Design End caps marked with the bar weight
  • +/-10g tolerance


What its best use?

Hybrid bars cater for a variety of different uses, and training environments. A jack of all trades, but master of none? Well that's not 100% true. Olympic bars should always be "fit for purpose". In practical terms, the specs should be correct. For a Mens bar 2200mm in length, 28mm shaft, weight of 20kg, with tight tolerances should be demanded. Our Hybrid bar ticks all the boxes, and has a stack of needle bearings to boot. The Black Zinc and Diamond Knurl combination provides a grip that offers superior grip without the tearing of many sharp pure weightlifting bars. This is a great all-purpose, functional strength, and Olympic, and All-Round lifting bar.