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Home Fitness: Building Your Home Gym and Utilising an Effective Workout Routine

With more and more fitness fanatics opting to do home workouts, an increasing number of garages and spare rooms are being converted into makeshift gyms. But home gyms shouldn't be seen as inferior to the real thing. In fact, plenty of gym-goers are now performing the same exercises they used to do in their local fitness centres from the comfort of their own homes.

If you’re struggling to come up with home fitness ideas or are wondering how to build your own gym at home, then this blog can help you to move forward in the right direction. Whether you’re a beginner interested in putting together a simple routine or a more experienced fitness lover, we’ll explain the fundamentals of how to stay fit at home.

Build your own home gym

How to Build Your Own Gym for Home Workouts

Building a home gym doesn’t have to be complicated. While it might seem daunting, a home gym can be as little or as much as you want it to be. If you do have a spare room or garage to convert, then you'll have more options and the space to be creative. But even a dedicated corner somewhere in your house can give you the room you need to keep fit.

What Should I Put in My Home Gym?

If you’re still wondering how to build your own gym at home, it might be helpful to know that your home gym is largely defined by the equipment you have in it. The beauty of building a space for yourself is that you can customise it to suit your fitness needs and goals. But if you’re new to this and are in need of home fitness ideas, here are some of the top pieces of equipment to put in your home gym.

Dumbbells & Kettlebells

Dumbbells and Kettlebells are easily accessible to beginners who aren’t used to weight training, dumbbells and kettlebells are essential, versatile pieces to add to your home gym. They can be used for all kinds of exercises and come in a wide range of weights, meaning you can opt for a basic 2.5kg set or a much more challenging 60kg depending on your fitness level. What’s more, they’re easy to store and don’t require much space to tidy away.

Build your own home gym

Exercise Mat

Whether you’re lifting, stretching or doing a HIIT routine, an exercise mat  is going to be your best friend. Mats can give you extra grip, provide cushioning for your knees and protect your floors. Most mats can be rolled or hung up for storage and come in a variety of sizes and styles depending on how you like to work out.

Resistance Bands

Even more portable and space-efficient than dumbbells, resistance bands can be paired with any bodyweight exercises to ramp up your home workout. No matter which muscle groups you’re looking to target, resistance bands can help you to tone and strengthen your body.

Build your own home gym


Ideal for more experienced lifters looking to target their upper body, barbells are the gold standard of weight training. They do require a bit more of an investment to set up, but will really take your home gym setup to the next level. Whether you’re looking to buy a power bar or classic Olympic barbell, make sure you consult with a certified personal trainer before starting your new routine.

Build your own home gym

How to Stay Fit at Home

Keeping fit isn’t as simple as knowing how to build your own gym at home. You’ll need to learn how to do certain exercises, create a schedule and actually show up to do the work. Remember, if you’ve sustained any injuries in the past or aren’t in perfect health, it’s always best to seek medical advice before getting started to make sure your workout routine is right for you.

Home Fitness Ideas

We’ve compiled some popular exercises that are easy to do just about anywhere in the world. So if you’re feeling stuck for home fitness ideas, make sure to include at least a few of these in your weekly routine. These can be performed in your new home gym, in the living room, or outside in the garden, making them accessible to everyone.


The perfect entry-level position, planks are an easy way to get started with your full body workout. Simply place your hands underneath your shoulders and keep your body lifted in one long line. Try to avoid arching your back throughout the whole movement. While planks might seem easy to begin, the real challenge lies in holding the position.

Build your own home gym


Squats can be performed with or without weights and help you to really target the lower body. They can be used as part of a cardio workout or strength training routine and really fire up the leg muscles. Make sure your knees are tracking over your toes when squatting to avoid putting too much stress on your joints.


To look after your health as a whole, you need to diversify your workout routine. Yoga can be a great tool to implement in between heavy training sessions to give your muscles some time to recover. It’s also useful for improving your mobility and flexibility, which will help you to feel more comfortable when completing everyday tasks as well as exercises over time.


High-intensity interval training can help you to build muscle and elevate your heart rate at the same time. It's the perfect cardio workout for people who don't like cardio. Whether you want to integrate weights or keep your routine equipment-free, HIIT workouts don’t take very much time out of your day, making them accessible to even the busiest fitness lovers.

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Whether you can’t wait to kickstart your weight loss workout routine at home or dive into building your very own home gym, BLK BOX has all the tips and equipment you need to take your next steps.