Loughborough University X BLK BOX

Loughborough University X BLK BOX

Loughborough University is one of the leading universities in the UK, awarded the best University in the UK for sports by The Times and Sunday Times University Guide 2022. Their reputation for sporting excellence, which spans performance, facilities, expertise and working partnerships, confirms their position as the number one university for sport. Which is why we’re proud to have been chosen as one of their gym equipment partners for the next phase of their ‘Performance Environment’ journey to 2027.

Powerbase Gym - Loughborough University

“Creating the optimum environment is critical to our ability to deliver the world class performance excellence for our elite sport athletes and partner. Our gym partners are not just suppliers, they contribute and reap the benefit of our unique HE environment through Research , Internships , and Innovation. But we’re not just performance, ensuring our student and community members achieve their own personal goals is as critical to us”, said Jo Simpson, Commercial and Facilities Director at Loughborough University.

The team at Loughborough undertook a full refurbishment and rebrand of their Elite facility, Powerbase. Renowned throughout the UK Fitness Industry, it is used by members ranging from Top-Level Student Athletes and Professional Sports Men and Women to Olympic Gold Medalist. It facilitates an environment where training, recovery and rehabilitation can be accessed under one roof.

Powerbase Gym Loughborough University

Our Partnership

The project was split into 5 separate lots awarding contracts for the lease of a range of racks, free weights, cardio machines, resistance machines and associated accessories, we were awarded ‘Lot 3 – Racks’. Renowned for our craftmanship and ability to offer tailored solution from concept to completion, designing, engineering, and fabricating our products right here in our HQ.

Across everything we do, we are working together to create a better future, for everyone.

This progressive and ambitious attitude is reflected in the success they have achieved, as one of the top-performing universities in the country, and this transformation will Loughborough Sport, at the cutting edge of Elite Sport in the UK. 

The kit

Opting for our Samson Range which is the most premium manufacturing option. High-quality construction and materials ensure that this rig is built
for life and able to take everything you can throw at it. The modular design
means Samson is compatible for expansion and the perfect option for any
sized facility serious about performance.

From our Samson Range we installed, custom Samson Full Rack with Smith Machine and connected storage, Samson Combo Rack, Samson Squat Stand on wheels and Samson Squat stand with storage. Along with an array of attachments like Landmine, Dip Station, Hip Thrust pad, Single Leg Squat and more. 

Wishing Loughborough University all the best with their new facility. And hope to work with them again soon in the near future. 

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