Introducing the Samson Squat Stand Range

Introducing the Samson Squat Stand Range

The Ultimate Squat Stand Range

Developed for the toughest of environments, we are thrilled to introduce the Samson Squat Stand Range.  

Both the Samson Squat Stand and Samson Squat Stand- Pro are highly modular, heavy duty and highly customisable, no matter what way you set them up, they are ideal for home gyms, PT Studios, Commercial Facilities and more.

The Samson Squat Stands are manufactured from start to finish in BLK BOX HQ in Belfast. Featuring 80x80mm uprights, the racks are made from laser-cut mild steel, and welded using a mix of robotic welding and the careful touch of our in-house fabrication and welding team. They are then put through our internal industrial paint line, before being packed and tested by our assembly team.

Key features of the range include:

  • 80mm x 80mm x 3mm locally sourced steel with laser cut holes
  • Textured grip pull-up bar included (except 1.8m version)
  • Signature anti-scratch powdercoat finish available in 9 colours
  • One pair of Utility J-Hooks included
  • Assembled using high tensile M20 Hardware
  • Easily assembled in less than 60 minutes
  • Backed by Lifetime Structural Warranty

BLK BOX Samson Squat Stand

The BLK BOX Samson Squat Stand is ideal for squatting, benching, deadlifting, pull ups and pressing and comes in 3 heights - 1.8m, 2.2m and 2.5m. Easily transition from squats to bench, dips to pull ups and everything in between. Pick from a choice of 9 colours to suit your space, whether it's a home gym, PT Studio or Commercial Facility. 

BLK BOX Samson Squat Stand 1.8m

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BLK BOX Samson Squat Stand 2.2m

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BLK BOX Samson Squat Stand 2.5m

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The BLK BOX Samson Squat Stand Pro 

This squat stand has all the great features of the BLK BOX Samson Squat Stand with a couple of extra benefits. The Pro is available in 2 height options - 2.2m and 2.5m and includes a multi-grip pull up bar, which offers a new element to your training. This pull up bar offers 3 grips; narrow neutral grip, wide neutral grip and wide grip. These grip variations play a pivotal role in targeting your upper body muscles and help you master the pull-up. There is laser cut numbering on the uprights with 37.5mm spacing, allowing you adjust any attachments more accurately to the height that best suits you. 

BLK BOX Samson Squat Stand Pro 2.2m

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BLK BOX Samson Squat Stand Pro 2.5m

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Attachments Available

The Samson Squat Stand range is totally compatible with all of our Samson Attachments, and features a self-stabilising base. This means you don't need to bolt it to the ground before you use it, which is a bonus if you wish to move it outdoors if and when the sunshine appears. A pair of J-Hooks are included with each squat rack. Some of the most popular attachments include: 

BLK BOX Samson Squat Stands

At BLK BOX we live and breathe performance, and all of BLK BOX's squat stands are built for athletes, by athletes. The Samson Range is BLK BOX's signature and high performance range, it has been created for those who want a heavy duty, locally manufactured product, of the highest quality. 

See the Samson Squat Stand in Action