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Utility: 60mm x 60mm

Goliath: 60mm x 60mm

Samson: 75mm x 75mm

Our Utility, Goliath & Samson rigs & racks have pin holes which are 21mm in diameter.

Yes, all of our BLK BOX Bumpers fit standard 2 inch (5cm) Olympic bars

Utility / Goliath; All Goliath attachments including Goliath Landmine, Goliath Dip Station & Goliath Spotting Arms will be compatible with our Utility / Golaith rigs & racks.  

Samson; All Samson attachments are only compatible with Samson rigs & racks.

*Please be aware when using attachments such our Goliath Dip Station or Samson Spotting Arms with your rig/rack we do suggest securing the rig/rack to the floor or wall for your personal safety.

Our Utility Range is only available in black. Our Goliath & Samson rigs are available in: Black, Yellow, Orange, Red, Light Blue, Dark Blue, Green, Grey, White.

For custom colours please contact us via Livechat or email us at

Allof our dumbbells, bumpers and kettlebells are sold / priced individually.

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