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BLK Box Speed ​​Ladder

SKU: 16-0454

Measuring over 4.5m long, the BLK BOX Rubber Roll Out Agility Ladder features 10 marked rungs and is ideal for all speed and agility training. Due to its durable rubber construction, the ladder offers greater stability throughout drill compared to others on the market, resulting is greater athlete safety and and reduced time resetting the ladder.


5 Rungs per sektion
Sektionerna är 2,3m / 230 cm (7,5 fot) i längd
2 fasta nylonanslutningsklämmor vid slutet av varje sektion
Rungs åtskilda 46cm (18 tum) från varandra
Stålskruv Runganslutningar
Dubbelstickad med anti-roterande tråd
4 sektionspaket med Saq Drawstring väska

BLK Box Agility Ladder i bruk


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