BLK BOX Nexus Rack Buying Guide

Designed, manufactured and made in Belfast, NEXUS is the connection between strength and functional training that will empower your movement.

Created for athletes, by athletes, it will level up an ever-evolving industry. Merging cable-based strength with free-weight functional training, NEXUS breaks barriers, allowing for seamless transitions and integration of these two training disciplines. This is the evolution of functional training. 

In this guide, our goal is to answer the questions you have on the NEXUS range and ultimately, help you decide what option is best for you. We will delve into the Nexus racks and the range that sits within this category alongside the NEXUS cable systems.  

Our design combines space-efficiency with two cable-pulley stations, enabling superior training versatility with almost limitless customisation potential. No matter how you choose to configure it, this unique setup can consolidate your barbell movements, cable movements, and equipment storage into a single, all-in-one system, with sizing options suited to whatever your gym needs.

Let this be your ultimate NEXUS Buying Guide. 


The NEXUS Rack range is the evolution of functional training. Featuring two squat bays, two independent 120kg cable columns and two pull-up stations (rack dependent), it utilises the same box sections as our signature Goliath & Samson Range.

This modular design allows the functionality of each Nexus Rack to be further increased with the addition of Goliath Rig & Rack Attachments. These can be attached on either side of the rack including the side with the cable columns.

How many bays in a NEXUS rack?
NEXUS Compact Rack measurements
NEXUS Rack specifications
NEXUS Rack specs



With its modular design, your NEXUS Rack will grow as you do. Whether you choose Samson or Goliath, our catalogue of attachments are cross-compatible, meaning NEXUS can unlock thousands of training opportunities.

Attachments can be mounted on either side of the rack including the side with the cable columns, minimising floor space required and maximising your performance. We also have an array of cable attachments to choose from, expanding the number of cable exercises your NEXUS has to offer.