6 reasons why you need Gym Rings

6 reasons why you need Gym Rings

From greater strength gains to better joint health, gym rings are the most comprehensive when it comes to exercising with your own bodyweight.

Whilst they may may look like a relatively simple piece of kit, we can’t stress the fact that you shouldn’t underestimate the usefulness and difficulty of training with gymnastic rings. If any training tool fits the phrase “harder than it looks,” it would be gymnastic rings. It may look effortless on TV during the Olympics, but in reality, it is insanely difficult. In fact, simply holding your body motionless while using the rings will make you feel muscles you didn’t even know you had.

Gymnastics Rings

So here are our top reasons why you should consider adding this tool to your training programme.

Full body workout in one piece of equipment

With gymnastic rings you can perform countless exercises. You can do push-up variations, dip variations, muscle-ups, ring rows and pull-ups. You can even put your legs in the rings, stand in a push-up position and do some plank knee raises to target your core. Or lay on your back, put your feet through the rings and do a bridge exercise.

Immediate Strength Gains

Any time you add instability to an exercise, it forces your muscles to work harder. For example, you might find it easy doing dips off a bench or dip station, and then struggle to get the same number of gymnastic reps on the rings. All that wobbling around will make your bodyweight exercises much more difficult—and much more effective in your workout. The added challenge of stabilising leads to greater strength gains than you would otherwise get with a stable surface.

Length of the rings can be easily adjusted

Our gymnastic rings come with adjustable straps, allowing you to adjust the height of the rings to perform both push and pull movements – ensuring you get a full body workout.

Gymnastics Rings

Adjustability. Hang them…anywhere

Gym rings are compact making them the perfect travel companion. You can bring them with you on holidays for full body workouts or take them outside when the weather is nice. All you need is something sturdy to throw them over like playground bars, a stree, or even a basketball hoop, and you have an immediate training tool at your fingertips.

Bulletproof your body – Prevent common injuries

By using smaller stabilising muscles around your shoulders and elbow joints, adding them to your training routine can help prevent common joint injuries. Remember to start slow, ease into using them in your workout. The muscles and tendons surrounding your joints take time to strengthen, and diving in too quickly may end up straining those muscles.

Price point – On point

If you’re in the market to build up your calisthenics equipment Gymnastic rings are the best and cheapest. They come in different price categories. You can buy them for as little £15. That saves money and as a beginner in calisthenics you could even do more exercises with rings than on a simple pull-up bar.

With the gym rings you will be able to tailor your workout level making exercises harder or easier for yourself. Knowing how to change one exercise to maybe 10 exercises with easier or harder variations is an important skill in training. If you're a beginner when it comes to using rings, start with basic support holds to help build strength and stability in your shoulders, and thank us later.