Urethane Dumbbells

Adding resistance to your daily workouts means utilising simple yet effective equipment that makes our Dumbbells the perfect addition to your home or commercial gym. Using dumbbells has multiple benefits including muscle building and growth, coordination and increasing the stability of your joints.

The Urethane dumbbell weights are coated with polyurethane ensuring the dumbbells won't mark or scuff your gym floor!

As well as multiple health benefits, resistance-based exercises with dumbbells mean injecting some power-based variety into your workouts. Dumbbells are perfect for targeting specific muscles and can be used for a range of exercises such as chest press, chest fly, row, tricep-extensions, bicep curls, overhead press, weighted sit-ups, deadlift, lunges, squatting and more! Helping you create a dynamic, full-body workout that keeps you engaged and pushes you towards your fitness goals.