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Vedhæftet FIL TIL BLK BOX-båndpløk

SKU: 21-1349

Constructed from a range of locally sourced steel, the BLK BOX Lat Pulldown Seat Attachment is a great addition to convert your Goliath Cable Column into a fully functional Lat Pulldown unit. Using High Tensile Hitch Pins, it can be easily attached, detached or adjusted on any of our Goliath Performance Racks.


Brug bandpløkkerne til at tilføje modstand med styrkebånd eller powerlifting-bånd. De gør dette ved at holde bandet på et fast punkt og bruge det til at tilføje modstand til din træning.  Disse gør også en stor opbevaring pin til at hænge bands, kæder og tilbehør.


Samson Rækkevidde 20 mm diameter x 250 mm x 70 mm
Goliath-serien 10 mm diameter x 180 mm x 100 mm


Robotic Welding

We use Robotic Welding and a team of experienced welders at our HQ to ensure safe, repeatable high-quality welds, every time.


We utilise a range of machines including HAAS CNC lathes and press brakes in-house to ensure precision components are produced for all of our equipment.

Powdercoat Line

Our cutting-edge Gema automatic powder coating line ensures a high quality and durable finish every time and is also environmentally friendly and safe in comparison to wet paint finishes. We offer 9 colours as standard but can offer any custom colour on request.


Locally sourced steel is laser cut at our HQ using the latest Trumpf laser cutting machines to ensure high quality and precision across all of our products and components.

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Built to last

Every product we manufacture at our Belfast Headquarters is backed by a lifetime structural warranty. We prioritise quality & durability over profit margins and guarantee everything we make.

Fast Shipping Worldwide

We offer fast, affordable and reliable shipping worldwide. Orders can be tracked from when your order has been placed until it arrives using the BLK BOX shipping system.

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All of our products come with easy to follow assembly guides and/ or video instructions to ensure you can assemble your equipment quickly and safely and start training.


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